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This page contains the project logbook.  Entries on the logbook were recorded on a daily basis and updated as necessary.  For a daily log of activities (except august) please press here.  The time scheduled for the project was modified a bit due to the changes in the work plan and the workload encountered during the elaboration of the dissertation.

June 2001

Project Definition.
Initial Meetings with Supervisor.
Initial Research in Networks.
Initial Research and Introduction to Swarm.
Journal Search.
IEEExplore connection established for journals.
Basic document search, library, web.
Introduction to Swarm Intelligence.
Swarm Research.
Initial Meetings with Supervisor.
C Programming Review.
C++ Programming Review.
Objective C Research.
Networks Research.
Object Oriented and C Programming Review.
Background Research for Computer Networks.
Objective C study.
Table of Contents design.
Linux Operating System Review.
Linux Operating System Installation.
Network Chapter of Dissertation Compilation.
Swarm Intelligence Applications Research and Study.

July 2001

Linux Operating System Review.
Linux Configuration.
Objective C and C Research.
Linux Network Development Research.
Networks Research.
NS2 Research and Software Download.
NS2 Installation and Research.
Background Dissertation Writing (Networks Chapter).
Background Dissertation Writing (Swarm Chapter).
Project Recheck, Overview and TOC.
NS2 initial learning and practice tutorials.
NS2 document research and manual search.
Dissertation format design.
NS2 LAN construction.
Swarm Research.
Networks Research.
NS2 practice tutorials and initial designs.
Literature Review and Survey.
Network Routing Research for Implementation.
Background Dissertation Writing. (Networks and Swarm)
Interim Report Writing.
Network Routing Algorithm Research and practices.
NS2 algorithm implementation (DV,LS, STATIC).
C and Objective C review.
Background Dissertation Writing.
Interim Report Writing.
NS2 simulator practices.
NS2 basic OTCL scripts and sample network designs.
C and C++ reviews.
C algorithm design and programming start.
New Swarm Intelligence Document Recompilation.
NS2 programming tutorials.
C and C++ reviews.
NS2 manual practices and tutorials.
NS2 study.
C algorithm design and programming.
Table construction for algorithm.
OSPF research/
Dijkstra's Algorithm research and initial tests.
C programming of Dijkstra's algorithm (basic).
C programming of modified Dijkstra's algorithm.

August 2001

C++ and C reviews.
NS2 practices and tutorials.
Dijkstra's algorithm programming in C (simple and advanced)
Ant Agent design and planning. 
NS2 ping and echo request.
NS2 routing.
NS2 table modifications.
C programming of main routing algorithm (direct and indirec routes).
C Programming of the main routing algorithm.
First Tests of Routing algorithm. (Convergence, speed)
Routing Table Creation and Updates in C.
Cost matrix creation.
Ant Agent design.
NS2 Ant Agent deployment.
Presentation design and construction in PowerPoint.
Presentation Rehearsal and preparation.
NS2 ant agent tests (basic ping).
C programming and redefinition of algorithm.
Routing table modifications in C.
Ant Agent Modification.
Ant Agent Proposal for NS2.
Web Page design and Construction.
Logbook Review.


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